J. Ivey

Amy has been a HUGE help when it comes to organizing with ease. She is so helpful with making the job quick, simple, and efficient. She is not only an expert but a pleasure to be around. She turned my messy bathroom into a beautiful, organized space and helped give me the "push" i needed. I highly recommend using Amy if you need help with organizing in any way!!

Response from the owner

Thank you for such a glowing review! I had an absolute blast helping your bathroom space BLOOM!

H. N. Ngai

I thought I was pretty organized, but Amy definitely showed me all the ways that I could be even more so! The bins and tags make keeping things in order super easy. I barely need to think about it!

Response from the owner

That's what being organized is all about - making life easier. Thank you!

J. Resek

Faced with the space limitations that living in and loving an over 100 year old home entails, Amy Bloomer came to the rescue. She helped me revolutionize the space in my coat and shoe closet and rediscover some forgotten treasures. Amy not only made my space bloom but gave me some tools to keep blooming in my future organizing endeavors!

Response from the owner

Working in older homes provides such a wonderful opportunity to really get creative with spatial solutions. Often times it helps to have a few organization tools in tow. It was great fun to take a field trip together to find some products to help maximize the storage capacity of your closet. Be well and be always blooming!

T. Dale

Amy helped me with my clothes, specifically my closet and dresser. She was amazing — completely non-judgemental, helpful, and I am still using her tips and tricks years later. I find that if things get a bit disordered now, it’s easy to put things right again thanks to her. Highly recommend!!

Response from the owner

I’m so glad to hear that the organizational systems we put into place have withstood the test of time. It was my absolute pleasure and joy to help your space BLOOM!

E. Ivey

Amy is amazing!
She makes a difficult process much easier to get through! Having your space organized by Amy is a game changer! It changes your life in a very positive way and I highly recommend it!

Response from the owner

Many, many thanks for such a fantastic review! I absolutely love working with you and look forward to continuing to let your space BLOOM into 2019.

E. Douglass

My wife and I had moved from a 3 bedroom home into a condo years ago and just had too much stuff cluttering up our condo. Amy was able to help us donate our unneeded stuff, and organize our condo, the 2nd bedroom that had turned into a storage room can now be used again! Amy is a master of getting things accomplished and does so in an upbeat and pleasant manner.

Response from the owner

Thank you so much Ed! I have really enjoyed working with you and your wife for the past few months. Watching the transformation of your condo has been incredible! Thanks again for the opportunity to let your space BLOOM.

R. Roberts

The first time Amy helped us organize and stage our house for sale. The process was so much less overwhelming with her by my side. The second, Amy helped get our pantry in order. It is still organized years later. She is amazing!

Response from the owner

I still can't believe how quickly your house sold after we got it staged! And it's been such fun to set up organizational systems in your new home. Here's to many more great sessions in the future. Cheers!

A. Martini

Amy is the go-to guru for all things organizational! I recently downsized and was struggling to pack and store all of my extra bedding. Amy came through with simple, cost-effective solutions that helped to protect and store everything. She truly offers attainable organizing results.

Response from the owner

I love the challenge of making the most efficient and elegant use of a recently downsized space. I had a blast working with you and look forward to our next session! Thank you for such a glowing review.

L. Schoneville

Amy is an absolute gem ❤ Not only is she an exceptional business women who knows how to get the job done but she is kind, understanding, patient and considerate, all of which are extremely important qualities in her line of business. I would happily recommend Amy.

Response from the owner

I truly appreciate your kind words and look forward to working with you again in the future. Cheers!

J. Marana

While I have many strengths as a full-time working mom of 3, one of them is not home organization. I am so grateful for Amy Bloomer's assistance in this area. Over the last few months, I have been blessed with Amy's gift of looking at boring, disorganized spaces throughout my home and bringing her visions of beauty, functionality, and organization to life. I have been amazed at what Amy has done to transform spaces that were at one point overwhelming because of all of the stuff in it to spaces with which everything has a purpose and place of its own. Amy is incredibly talented at home organization, has an eye for detail, and cares about decreasing whatever stress a disorganized space can create. She partners with you to declutter and reconfigure spaces so that you can keep them organized even beyond her time with you.

Response from the owner

Thank you for such a wonderful review! I have loved every minute working with you and your family to let your space BLOOM.

V. Appel

Amy guided me through the big move, downsizing to an apartment in another state. She removed the fear by identifying my challenges with a balance of firmness and kindness. I never want to do it again, but I would, if Amy were with me!

Response from the owner

Thank you so much! It was an absolute joy and pleasure to work with you.

⚜ All of the above google reviews have been reposted with permission from my clients.