Discover the Best Solutions to Contain Your Space

What’s the best container to use? Baskets or bins? The answer to this question is a simple one… It all depends on the elements of the room. Here are a few guidelines to help determine what types of containers will work best:

1. When organizing space near a water source, such as a sink or stationary washtub, I recommend a plastic bin instead of a woven basket. Plastic is much easier to clean (and typically sturdier) than a woven basket when liquids spill.

2. When organizing space far from a water source, such as a linen closet or a coat closet, I recommend either woven baskets or fabric bins. There are such a plethora of vibrant colors, patterns, and fabrics available that it’s a great opportunity to create a fun design aesthetic in these spaces within a home. I love the fabric bins with the fox print which I’ve pictured at the top of this blog. My client loves foxes and she was thrilled when I showed up from a shopping trip with these in tow.

3. When a room is not always temperature controlled, i.e. in a basement or garage, I recommend using clear, air-tight plastic bins to keep pests away and make it easy to remember what’s inside. Larger storage spaces can become a dumping ground for anything and everything so it’s important that items are clearly labeled and easy to see.

One of the questions that I always get asked is what are my personal favorite organizational tools? I’ve included some of them for your perusal on my website. I hope this helps your space BLOOM in Baltimore, Maryland and beyond.