Getting Organized for Holiday Guests

With the holidays upon us, the more prepared we are, the less stressed we will be, especially when it comes to hosting and entertaining out of town guests.  There are simple things one can do to make things easier on themselves and their families. This blog post is going to take you through, "12 Tips for Getting Organized for Holiday Guests."  Now you might wonder, why 12? Because during the holidays, visions of a partridge in a pear tree begin dancing in my head as I think of the "12 days of Christmas," so this number seems fitting for the season.  Here they are:

  1. Make it easy for guests to stay connected by placing a picture frame in their room with your wifi network and password.

  2. Leave a small collection of books for your guests to enjoy.  I use a few classics, a couple with local flair and any recent reads that you are ready to pass along.  My most recent read was, “Uncontainable” which is a quick and fascinating read about the founder, founding and history of The Container Store.

  3. Be sure that guests have a place to hang up their clothing.  If your guest room doesn’t have a closet (or the closet is full), consider purchasing the InstaHANGER.  You can purchase this at either The Container Store or Amazon for under $20.

  4. Designate a place for suitcases/bags by using a luggage rack.  They fold up neatly for storage either under a bed or in a closet when not in use.

  5. Create a welcome sheet with details including where to find extra towels, thermostat instructions, etc.  A summary of the little details that help make their stay pleasurable.

  6. A sound machine (white noise is my personal favorite) and some aromatherapy (either a candle and/or essential oils) help to create the ideal environment for sleeping.

  7. Provide a one size fits all robe and comfy slippers.

  8. Stock your refrigerator with guest’ favorite libations.

  9. And while your in your fridge, create space and/or a bin, labeled with their names and fill it with their favorite foods.

  10. Stock the bathroom with basic toiletries such as a toothbrush and floss to prevent late night runs to the drugstore for forgotten items.

  11. Place fresh towels and extra toilet paper in the bathroom where it’s easy to find.

  12. At the end of your guests’ stay, be sure to ask them if there is anything you could have done to make their stay more hospitable.

That’s a wrap. I am grateful to all who are taking the time to read this post within Baltimore and beyond. Be well and let your space BLOOM in Baltimore and beyond. Happy Thanksgiving!