The Spirit of Giving: A Professional Organizer's Perspective

After spending a “Friendsgiving” in Lutherville, I spent some time scouring the internet for holiday gift ideas. I try to find experiences, as opposed to tangible items, for gifts. A couple examples of my “go to” gifts are tickets to a play or the symphony, or gift certificates for spa services. I was desperately trying to purchase such gifts by cyber Monday to secure the best deals, but life happens and I couldn’t find the time. Interestingly enough, the day after cyber Monday, is #givingtuesday. And that’s when the light bulb when off - why not make a donation to someone’s favorite non-profit organization instead?

I’ve recently discovered a cause near and dear to my heart: The Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Statue Fund, Inc. It is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to placing the first statue honoring women’s history in New York City’s Central Park (my old stomping grounds). Did you know there are 23 statues of historical figures in Central Park, but not one honors a woman? It’s about time! This organization is on the road to making it happen. Anyone who knows me is well aware that Amelia Bloomer has been an incredible inspiration in my life.  Amelia was responsible for introducing her friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton to another like-minded activist named Susan B Anthony. The rest is history. If anyone on your holiday list might find this a worthy cause, I implore you to make a donation in her honor this holiday season. I’ve provided the link below. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and letting your space BLOOM in Baltimore and beyond. Cheers!